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profilepicI ask my clients to pay an amount between £30 and £60 a session, depending on their own ability to pay, and when they are able to attend (evening and weekend appointments cost more than weekday daytime appointments). The amount will be agreed between us at the first session.

When booking your first session, I will ask you for a deposit. If we decide for any reason not to work together  – provided you attend in person – your deposit for the first session will be refunded.

Just to be clear, if you don’t attend the first session, or cancel giving me less than 24 hours minimum notice, I will keep the deposit as payment for that missed session. If you still wish to try working with me, that’s fine, we just start over.

Cheques, PayPal[link]  and even cash are fine as means of payment. If you wish to use a credit or debit card, you can do this using the PayPal link, as we do not take cards directly. If you want my bank details to do an electronic transfer that way, just ask.

Sessions last around an hour, say between 50 and 70 minutes. The first appointment can last up to 90 minutes.

BUPA covered clients will have the session costs covered up to their “preauth”-orised limit. Please do note that with BUPA any sessions (including the first) missed or cancelled late will have to be paid for privately by yourself, as this is not covered under their plan, but you will not lose your entitlement for that session when you are able to take it.

When working online, you will need to install HIPAA/telemedicine compliant software on your computer or phone, which keeps the existence and content of a call totally hidden. VSee (link)is the only free HIPAA compliant software for a PC that I know of. On cellphones, Whatsapp and Viber retain records of the call being made, although the conversation itself is encrypted, and as long as you don’t mind Big Brothers knowing you are speaking to me, that’s OK. Skype and Facebook messenger are not secure…..

…….. or we can use the good old phone.

At present Sue is not taking on any new clients.

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